i <3 FACES

this weeks competition (and my first entry – eeee!) is “anything but a face”..

we have really been enjoying the warm weather here in florida – and playing in the water hose outside was the perfect way to cool off <3

you can check out i heart faces. and, you really should. because they are AWESOME!


12 Responses to “i <3 FACES”

  1. I really like this image. Great show of movement and energy!

  2. What a beautiful shot! I love everything about this! Congrats on your first entry!

  3. i love it! makes me anxious for warm weather and our own hose!

  4. It’s so fun. I love the water and hair. Wonderful capture!

  5. Beautiful shot! Really captured the fun!!!

  6. Love the action captured in this one! Fun picture! And, it’s my first time too! Good luck! EEE!!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! Such a fun shot!! Definitely one of my favourites!

  8. I LOVE this. Probably my favorite. You can’t see her face but you know what it looks like. Great job.

  9. This is your very first entry and you WON! Oh my gosh! I can see why you would be a winner too. This picture is BEYOND amazing. I love the sun and the light. The water spray? Fantastic! So excited for you! Congratulations. Hope to see more of your outstanding work in the upcoming weeks : )

  10. AHHHH!! thank u guys for the comments – soooo excited.. ok, that it! im addicted! time to dig through my feb archive for the next one! ;) thanks again bloggers for all ur LOVE <3

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